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International association of BOOK-KEEPERS Международная Ассоциация бухгалтеров Institute of FINANCIAL ACCOUNTAINTS Институт финансовых аналитиков

Course in International Accounting Standards

The course in International Accounting Standards (IAS) has been worked out by the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA, UK).The program is intended for book-keepers, chief accountants, auditors, financial specialists, stock-exchange brokers, bank clerks, financial directors and chief executives.

The course comprises 130 hours, of which lectures and seminars make 64 hours.

Aims of the course:

- to coordinate accounting reform in Russia with the world’s tendencies of unification of standards;
- to supply the students with theoretical basis and practical skills in using International Accounting Standards in Russia.

Tasks of the course:

- to acquaint the students with the system of elaboration of standards and the actual problems in the sphere of international accounting system and their practical application;
- to acquaint the students with the concept, principles and methods, used in financial accounting;
- to supply the students with theoretical and practical skills of application of the International Accounting Standards and their interpretation;
- to render support to organizations in understanding and introduction of the reformed accounting model.

Advantages of training the course of IAS at the head office IFA- IPD «Postgraduate-RAA».

- Study process takes place in Russian in time free of work (on evenings and on Saturdays from morning till night).
- Method of “module testing” is used in the process of tuition.
- Lectures-seminars are taught by tutors of leading academic schools, by consultants of consulting companies, by actual book-keepers and auditors of famous companies.
- Attestation of students consists of a number of written examination test papers, which are checked up in the UK.
- If student passes exams successfully he receives Diploma IFA from the UK, which exercises international recognition.

Cost of study. Discounts.

Date of beginning of the course Location Name of Seminar Cost of Study

Academy of State Service under the President RF

International Accounting Standards

1100 euro
1000 euro for students of other courses IAB and IFA

The cost of the course includes a complete set of training appliances, attendance of lectures and seminars, individual consultations with the tutors, translation of the test papers into English, checking up the test papers, postal charges for sending test papers to Great Britain and Diploma IFA in English.

Peculiarity of the course: Study process takes place in Russian in time free of work (on evenings and on Saturdays from morning till night), if student passes exams, he receives Diploma IFA in English.

A few ways to contact us and apply for participation in the program Outward appearance of Diploma IFA
- You can apply on-line right now if you fill in the form on our web-site

- Our e-mail address is

- Our fax-number is (095)436-09-27

- Our telephone number is (095)231-10-59

- Our address is
Room2110, 2nd building,
84,prospect Vernadskogo
Moscow 119606

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- You should make a preliminary phone call at our office to order a pass.

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