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International association of BOOK-KEEPERS Международная Ассоциация бухгалтеров Institute of FINANCIAL ACCOUNTAINTS Институт финансовых аналитиков

Management and Marketing

“Management and Marketing” Syllabus

1. Structure of organization

2. Management of working activity within the organization:
2.1. Setting of work objects
2.2. Working place projecting
2.3. Determination of workloads and workflows priorities
2.4. Activity coordination: limitations and weak-points
2.5. Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and critical way analysis
2.6. Time management
2.7. Production standards and service quality management and monitoring
   2.7.1. Quality systems
   2.7.2. quality circles
   2.7.3. Total quality management and value chain analysis
2.8. Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
2.9. Human resources management and monitoring
   2.9.1. Motivation and endowing with authorities technique
   2.9.2. Leadership and responsibility delegation
   2.9.3. Activity indices management systems
   2.9.4. Effective activity measuring and reverse connection mechanism
   2.9.5. Tutorship, training and consultation
   2.9.6. Division into teams, intergroup dynamics and solution of conflicts
   2.9.7. Health protection and security policy and procedures
   2.9.8. Risks evaluation and monitoring
   2.9.9. Scheduling, suggesting, realization and evaluation of changes

3. Marketing function management:
3.1. Marketing investigations methods
3.1.1. psychological
3.1.2. social-psychological
3.1.3. social, economical and cultural factors that influence client’s behavior and requirements
3.1.4. models of client’s purchasing behavior
3.1.5. Decisions Making Units (DMU)

4. Marketing investigations technique
4.1. Primary and secondary data sources and methods
4.2. Internal and external sources of marketing investigations
4.3. Data on clients and competitors
4.4. Marketing investigations companies: advantages and limitations of their use

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