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International association of BOOK-KEEPERS Международная Ассоциация бухгалтеров Institute of FINANCIAL ACCOUNTAINTS Институт финансовых аналитиков

Program IFA consists of 3 levels

Program IFA consists of 3 levels:

Accounting Technician
Associate of FA
Fellow of FA

Accounting Technician Level:

Accounting Technician is the first of the 3 levels of the program of IFA.
You can be admitted to this level
- if you have finished the Intermediate Level IAB successfully and if you wish to continue your training at the Final Level IAB and the 1st Level IFA (Accounting Technician) simultaneously;
- if you have finished the Final Level IAB successfully;
- if you have more than 3 years of experience in accounting, financial management or audit. In this case you will become a student of 2 programs simultaneously: Final Level IAB and Accounting Technician IFA.

Subjects under study:
1) Financial accounting (only for those students who haven’t attended Final Level IAB).
2) Management Accounting.
3) Taxation
4) Law for economists

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Program IFA consists of 3 levels

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