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Students of final level IAB can commence their study on programs of Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA).

IFA programs include 4 levels:

1. Accounting Technician

2. Associate of IFA

3. Fellow of IFA

4. BA degree under IFA

Successful completing of each level guarantees the receiving of Diplomas IFA and obtaining appropriate qualifications.

Accountant Technician level program (Accounting Manager/Financial Manager)

Prices are in EURO. Translation Rate EURO/RUB is here.

Cost of study for this level is 1200 EUR (if student makes payment for Final and Accountant Technician levels simultaneously Cost is 1440 EUR). It is possible payment by installments till Exam Date.

Special price for students is 1000 EUR.

At Accountant Technician level students study following subjects:

1. Financial Accounting Fundamentals (see IAB program).

2. Management Accounting.

3. Taxation for Accountants.

4. Law for Accountants.

"Management Accounting" program:

1. Introduction to Management Accounting

2. Expenditures classification

3. Overcharge

4. Conduct of Expenditures

5. Analysis of correlation expenditures-volume-profit

6. Accounting system for Total Costs and Variable Costs

7. Calculation of Cost

8. Budgeting and control of Budget

9. Standard Cost Accounting (system Standard-Cost) and Deviation analysis

10. Relevant information and accepting managing resolution

11. Practical use of Relevant Costs in accepting of operating resolutions

"Taxation for Accountants" program:

1. Tax system

1.1. Taxes in economic system of society

1.2. Taxes as financial-economic category

1.3. Tax system of Russian Federation

1.4. International Tax systems

1.5. rganizing and management in Taxation

1.6. Planning of Taxation

1.7. Responsibility for violation of Tax Law. Tax responsibility

2. Federal Taxes

1.1. Profit tax of enterprises and companies

1.2. Individual income Tax

1.3. Value Added Tax

1.4. Excises taxes

1.5. The customs duties

2. Payments to State Unbudgeted Funds

2.1. United Social Tax

3. Taxes of Russian regions

3.1. Tax on companys property.

3.2. Tax on sales

3.3. United Tax on Imputed Income (for certain types of activity)

4. Resources payments

4.1. Instruction about the way and terms of payments to Budget for use of entrails.

4.2. Payment for water

4.3. Payment for right to use entrails

4.4. Deduction for reproduction of mineral & raw material base.

4.5. Payment for forest resources

5. Local Taxes

5.1. Payment for land

5.2. Payment for advertisements

6. The simplified system of the taxation for small business

Law for Accountants program:

1. Law for accountants as subject

2. Subjects of Civil Law. Juridical persons in business turnover

3. Objects of Civil rights

4. Transactions

5. Performance of Civil rights and duties


7. Civil and Criminal responsibility for crimes in economic branch

8. Terms in Civil Laws

9. Right of property and other material rights

10. Liabilities

11. Civil Contract

12. Some types of Liabilities

13. International Law. International relations

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