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Institute for Professional Development «PostGraduate-RAA» offers educational courses of International Association of Book-keepers (IAB) and Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA, UK) for financial specialists in Russian.
        Courses of International Association of Book-keepers (IAB) consist of two levels - Intermediate Level and Final Level . They are intended to specialists in Accountancy and Finances. Courses include techniques of Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and Financial analyses.
        Student can be enrolled at once so as for Intermediate as for Final Level. If student completes the study successfully (passes exam) he can be awarded by Certificate IAB/Diploma IAB and receive the chance to become the Member of IAB (MIAB/FIAB).
       Courses of Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) include three levels – Accounting Technician (Specialist in Financial Management and in Management Accounting), Associate of FA (Financial Manager/Financial Analytic), Fellow of FA (Financial Director). Courses are intended to usual and top financial specialists. Study is based on multi-level principle and in Russian. If student completes the study on each level successfully (passes exam) he can become the Member of IFA and receives appropriate international qualification.
        Course «International Accounting Standards» (IAS). It is short-term course (64 academic hours) in Russian in accordance with IFA program. Course is intended to the various specialists connected with International Reporting. If student completes the study successfully he receives Diploma IFA from UK.
Advantages of Study in IPD “PostGraduate-RAA” are:

  • All courses are approved by Qualification and Curriculum Authority of the UK Government (QCA)

  • IPD “PostGraduate-RAA” proposes study on UK programs broad-recognized all around the world.

  • Study process takes place in Russian

  • Seminars take place in time free of work (on evenings and on Saturdays)

  • Lectures-seminars are taught by tutors of leading academic schools and by consultants of large consulting companies.

  • If student passes exams successfully he receives International Certificates IAB and Diplomas IAB/IFA validated by UK Government

  • Study in IPD “PostGraduate-RAA” is Professional Development and is confirmed by Diplomas of Russian Academy of State Service under the President RF.

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