International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB) offers multi-level program of study including Intermediate and Final level.

Program of  Intermediate Level IAS

Accounting Fundamentals МСФО
Origin of Accounting
Principles of Accounting
Standards of Accounting
Documents of business transactions
Types of Discounts
Value Added Tax/Total Tax on Sales accounting

Practical Examples

Ledgers of current transactions & Journal
Ledgers of current transactions

Bank transactions & Bank reconciliation
Bank transactions
Exchange Currency 
Bank reconciliation

Cash transactions accounting and wages
Cash Ledger with 3 columns
Cash transactions Ledger with Bank
Cash Ledger (analytic accounting)
Small Cash transactions Ledger
Payment list

General Ledger; Accruals/payments in advance; Capital/Incomes
Classification of Account
Balance of Accounts
General Ledger with 3 columns
Parts of General Ledger
Accruals and payments in advance
Capital and Expenses/Incomes

Preliminary balance
What is preliminary balance?
Preparation of preliminary balance
What to do if preliminary balance is wrong
Mistakes discovered by preliminary balance
Mistakes not discovered by preliminary balance
Account "Share Capital"
Practical Exam
Use of developed preliminary balance

Trade Account and Profit and Loss Account
Introduction. Total accounts
Preparation of Trade Account and Profit and Loss Account
Practical Examples

Balance Sheet
Introduction. Balance Sheet
Capital Account and Withdrawal of Capital Account
Preparation of Balance Sheet based on Preliminary Balance
Essence of Balance Sheet
Practical advices for preparation of Total amounts
Practical Examples

Depreciation and Provisions
Outflow of Fixed assets
Registers of Fixed assets
Expenditures of automobiles
Trade receivables analysis in accordance with terms of formation

Essence of association
Agreement about association
Accounts of assignations
Current accounts
Total accounts of Associations – Practical Example
Introduction to Goodwill

Accounts of Departments
Distribution of overcharge

Budget companies
Accounting in Budget companies
Accounts of accruals and payments
Accumulation Fund
Trade Account of clubs
Income and Expenditure Accounts
Balance of clubs
Practical Examples

Computed Accounts
Computerization of Accounting 

Preparation to exam
Different types of question examples

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How to become a student of IAB

First of all, for enrollment to the courses IAB you should  
fill in application form  and send it to our office by any convenient way (fax, e-mail).  If you live in Moscow, you can fill in application form in our office. After that you receive account. After paying it you become a student of IAB and begin your study.

Studying materials

Studying materials of IAB are translated into Russian and certified. Practical tasks are connected with general theoretical questions. All this allows to have learnt suggested courses better
Our students receive textbook in Russian or in English (by choice). If you like we can send you textbook by mail immediately after receiving completed application form and payments.   

Evening study

Evening study is for those students who have opportunity to go for seminars in evenings. They take place in Russian Academy of State Service under the President of Russian Federation twice a month since 18.30 till 21.30. They are seminars and preliminary lectures-consultations.
The main part of time is devoted to self-study by virtue of studying textbook and dealing with assignments which are marking by tutors. The tutor-consultant gives answers all questions connected with course by phone, fax or E-mail.



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