Governance issues high on chief executive's agenda

The IFA and IAB are considering ways if improving the Institutes' capacity to respond to members' changing needs.

To this end, J. Malcolm Dean was a delegate at a conference on the governance of professional bodies, organised by PARN - the Professional Association Research Network - an organisation run by the University of Bristol . "We're looking at the management structure of the Institute," says Dean, "so it will be very helpful. Some of the examples will serve as models for future changes."

The chief executive has also been involved in discussions relating to the lAB's planned launch of its Payroll Faculty (see page 11), and the IFA's relationship with Bolton Institute (see FBK, February/March 2003, page 13). Both initiatives aim to heighten the profile of the Institutes and their qualifications, and improve their relevance and usefulness to members, students and the wider business community.

During a recent visit to Hong Kong and China , Dean confirmed the appointment of training centres in Zhen and Beijing , where the IFA is working with Tsing Hua University - one of the best in China .

Students and tutors at Llandrillo College in North Wales were rewarded for their exceptional efforts and results in the lAB's Intermediate level exams in June 2002, when Dean presented the award for Top College . "Many of them were mature students who found the course particularly interesting," says Dean, and it has served them well. "An impressive number have secured jobs since completing the course," he said.


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