Degree partnership

Bolton Institute has finalised its degree partnership agreement with the Institute of Financial Accountants.

Under the arrangements, students passing their IFA finals with the Bolton Institute will also be awarded a BA honours degree in accountancy.

'Degrees are useful in that they teach people how to reason and how to find academic solutions to problems, but those alone do not prepare students to deal with practical business accountancy', commented IFA Chief Executive Malcolm Dean (right). 'It is important to analyse a balance sheet, but employers want people who can prepare a set of accounts too. This degree course, the result of the partnership between the IFA and the Bolton Institute, will deal with academic and practical accountancy to the benefit of graduates and to their eventual employers'.

Philip Wraith, the Bolton Institute's external examiner, dubbed the arrangement a 'praiseworthy collaboration'. The BA honours accounting pathway as administered by Bolton Institute 'is of a very high quality', he confirmed.



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