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July Council meeting

When Council met in London on July 18 and 19, the future of the profession was high on the agenda, and discussions ranged from issues related to education and qualifications to the profiles of the Association and the Institute in the UK and overseas.

Arrangements are being made to raise awarenesses of members and their qualifications through a campaign involving regional newspapers and the website www.accountancy.com.

Ian Irwin was re-elected as Chairman of Council for the IAB and IFC, while Bob Greenwood was elected as Vice Chairman. Council members were also elected to handle the disciplinary, appeals and investigatory committees.

Among the departmental presentations, the Education Department reported on the success of the IFA Diploma in International Accounting Standards. Two courses have now been completed, one in China (see above] and one in Latvia, and two other centres will be opening shortly in Latvia and Moscow. A Diploma in Financial English is in the early stages of development, and is being investigated as a possible additional qualification to be offered initially in Eastern Europe.

The Membership Department has seen a rise in complaints against members over the past quarter. So, the next issue of Financial Accountant will include advice and guidelines on how to avoid possible problems with clients.


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