Council meeting

The future of the Institute and its members were the focus at the last meeting of Council for the IFA and IAB, in London. Council discussed the policy for awarding exemptions in IAB qualifications, plus the progress of gaining QCA approval for personal finance and enterprise qualifi­cations. QCA recognition of IAB qualifica­tions was discussed, and chief executive J. Malcolm Dean thanked Malcolm Trotter for his efforts and con­gratulated him on his achievement.

It was agreed that Council approved the bringing together of manual and comput­erised book-keeping within a single quali­fication. Designatory letters were also agreed for membership of the newly launched Payroll Faculty.

Appointments were agreed for the the Institute of Certified Book-keepers in South Africa: M. O'Brian, C. Johnson and Mrs S.M. Holmes were appointed to the board, and J. Malcolm Dean, H. Laing and A. Carlsson were re-elected.

Council for the IFA discussed a number of issues, but the current situation relating to professional indemnity insurance was discussed at length.

Council covered ongoing projects such as a review of examiners and moderators fees for 2004, regional assistance grants, and possible changes to the Membership Handbook.

Both IFA and IAB Councils discussed changes to their management structure: further details will be made available as progress is made.

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