Back in the USSR

The IAB and IFA hosted a conference on international accounting standards (IAS) in the Russian capital Moscow towards the end of 2003, in order to discuss training methodology.

The main speaker was Prof. Mike Harvey, IAB president, who was accompanied by J. Malcolm Dean, IAB chief executive and Hugh Laing, IAB vice president and a member of Council. The conference included presentations on IAS development, training and implementation.

Professor Harvey expressed special thanks to Dr. Igor Zhuravlev, the rector of the Institute for Professional Development at Postgraduate-RAA for his work on IAB and IFA international programmes development in Russia.

During December 2003, 400 Russian students sat for IAB and IFA examinations with the support and participation of Russian Academy for State Administration, overseen by Hugh Laing.

Students at Postgraduate-RAA have now been sitting IAB examinations for more than 10 years, and recently celebrated their jubilee, and many more are keen to continue doing so. "Lots of Russian students want to continue their postgraduate training under IAB and IFA programmes," says Dr Zhuralev, president and rector of Postgraduate-RAA.

During their visit Mike Harvey and Hugh Laing also met with Prof. Vladimir Egorov, president and rector of the Russian Academy for State Administration, to discuss ongoing projects and future developments involving IAB and IFA training programmes at the Academy.

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